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‘AUTUMN WALK’ is a Pantone Room designed by Victoria Tang-Owen
for Phillips’ 20th Century & Contemporary Art & Design Day Sale
“Autumn is the mellower season, and what we lose in flowers we more than gain in fruits.”


- Samuel Butler

Inspired by the quote by Samuel Butler, Victoria chose Pantone 130 C, the colour of autumn nectar for this season’s Phillips’ Pantone Room.


The Pantone room is a custom-designed space, displaying a curated selection of fine art, functional furniture and conceptual works, where art and contemporary design come together in an intimate and immersive setting.

The viewer can explore a space that mimics the curves of crisp autumnal leaves with irregular platforms that allow people to experience the art works at various heights - reflecting how nature displays its fruits. It evokes a feeling of walking in autumn with nature saying I am changing and displaying its beauty one last time before winter. This room creates a celebratory and optimistic view of what has been and what is yet to come for Phillips Hong Kong.

Closeup Screen.jpg
Autumn leaves.jpg
Armchair closeup.jpg
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